our platform 4wrd

A global marketplace

Founded in 2017, FinConecta is a provider of a global financial ecosystem intended to transform financial institutions into digital ones.

Our company integrates its methodology and technology platform to make the digital implementation for financial institutions seamless, enabling them to drastically reduce all the fixed costs revolving around technology.

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What does it provide?

4wrd provides painless, secure, scalable technology integration by creating an open ecosystem that optimizes the process of integrating FinTech solutions to the financial institution’s core banking system via APIs.Once a financial institution is plugged into our platform, it will have access to a universe of vetted FinTech solutions.

Benefits of Plugging into 4wrd:

  • Enhances the customer’s digital experience
  • Reduces integration costs
  • Accelerates digitization process
  • Provides access to vetted FinTech solutions
  • Promotes bank-FinTech collaboration
  • Tests FinTech solutions on a tech sandbox
  • Deploys less tech resources and manpower
  • Monetizes services by charging fees to third parties

Platform Characteristics:

  • Open ecosystem connecting financial institutions and FinTech providers
  • Core banking and industry agnostic
  • Industry-compliant infrastructure
  • Ensures data and system security
  • Reusable integration by plugging once into 4wrd



4wrd is a global marketplace for FinTech solutions. Our platform seamlessly connects the core banking systems of financial institutions with third-party FinTech providers worldwide. Our platform enables and enhances bank-FinTech collaboration, which ultimately accelerates the financial institution’s digitization process.


Bankbot allows financial institutions to test FinTech solutions under a secure and controlled environment that won't compromise their systems or data. Bankbot is our bank simulator that serves as a tech sandbox.

It can also serve as a proof of concept for Fintechs by allowing them to test their Api's and validate their products/services even before their first clients get onboard.