The academy

The objective

Our top-level expertise allows us to effectively bring together a comprehensive learning program that complements 4wrd. The Academy focuses on providing the necessary tools to help financial institutions design digital strategies, while 4wrd focuses on accelerating the digitization process by leveraging existing FinTech solutions and optimizing the implementation and deployment of such solutions.

The continuously evolving financial landscape brings new challenges and opportunities for Financial Institutions. The Academy provides the necessary foundations to redefine business models, design a successful strategy, incorporate the newest digital technologies and create exponential revenue streams.

Through The Academy, we provide a holistic approach to support Financial Institutions in defining and embarking on a digital transformation journey, adapting, anticipating and responding to future changes.

5 domains

  • Client

  • Culture, People & Organization

  • Technology

  • Innovation

  • Business


An online digital transformation simulation game where players are encouraged to apply strategic thinking, discuss organizational dilemmas and test investment decisions, while sparking the joy of exploring new possibilities. Players are presented with scenarios related to the 5 domains of FinConecta’s digital transformation model, as well as real-life constraints (short and long-term impact, budget and capacity, etc). Each round is followed by debriefing sessions with experts to share insights, spark discussions and foster idea generation.

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A 3-day immersive program for top executives at financial institutions focusing on digital transformation fundamentals. Discover the current and future trends in innovation, the fast-evolving people management practices, disruptive business models, new technological tools, and new progressive approaches to client engagement.

This program consists of brainstorming sessions, insightful presentations, guided discussions and collaborative work. The final goal is to provide participants with the necessary foundations to rediscover business models and design a successful digital transformation strategy.

The digital transformation lab

The Digital Transformation Lab is a 12-week program designed to enable the transformation of financial institutions into digital businesses. Upon program completion, financial institutions will be able to find the right path to redefine their digital strategy, adopt the latest technological advancements in the FinTech space, and discover new revenue streams. The content is delivered by various subject matter experts with extensive knowledge and real-world experience.

For the program to deliver tangible outcomes, we have designed a collaborative model in a dynamic environment that fosters the “design thinking” approach. The organization’s digital maturity level will be measured through the Digital Transformation Readiness Index, a measurement based on FinConecta’s 5 domains of digital transformation. This index will inform financial institutions on what is the most appropriate digital transformation strategy given their current state and specific goals.

Digital readiness Assessment

Our goal is to build a global interconnected ecosystem connecting all the relevant players in the financial sector. We mainly focus on connecting and matching financial institutions and FinTechs from all over the world. If you are one of the two, click on a tab to find out how you can benefit and get involved.

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