Miami fintech launches new digital transformation simulation game for bankers

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July 2, 2018

Miami, FL – (March XX, 2018) -Defining a digital transformation strategy requires knowledge in different key domains. With this in mind, Above and Beyond (a&b), leaders in the global financial ecosystem, has designed an interactive learning solution, ACELERA,  powered by Business Skills, a global company specialized in simulation games for multiple industries -  ACELERA proposes real world situations that banking executives face with increased frequency. The game allows financial institutions to make decisions and experiment with trade-offs of limited resources (such as time and money) in a virtual environment.

“ACELERA was born from the necessity of guiding the financial institutions building their digital transformation strategy” said Jorge Ruiz, CEO and Founder at a&b. “As the financial institutions connect to 4wrd, they leverage their integration with almost 800 Fintechs that are ready to work with them.”

Styling and specifications

In ACELERA, Participants play the role of the CEO of a bank initiating a digital transformation process.  Throughout the 3 rounds, players discuss various scenarios, analyze alternative outcomes and make decisions, which in turn lead to new situations and considerations until the game is completed. Players are provided with background information as well as a comprehensive analysis of the results and their implications.

“A number of studies confirm that Simulation Games are the most captivating, powerful and result oriented methodology for Learning,” said Marcos Cristal CEO and founder at Business Skills. “Why? Because emulating real challenges in a web based setting gives immediate feedback, and enhances learning with others in a safe environment.”

Pricing and availability

ACELERA is now available to the public for enrollment in virtual cohorts. The complete duration of the game is 7.5 hours, divided into 4 sessions along two weeks. The first cohort starts April 2nd at USD 350 for individuals; special prices available for groups larger than 50 players.

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