Finconecta Integration of Banco Delta and Infobip is Live

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July 4, 2018

Miami, USA, March, 2018

FINCONECTA’s technological integration between Banco Delta and Infobip  through API platform, 4wrd, goes live, improving communications with customers via multiple digital channels.

The objective of the integration through 4wrd is to facilitate the timely delivery of transaction alerts, notifications, and campaigns.  This platform is proprietary of Above and Beyond Tech, an enterprise software company revolutionizing the digitization of the financial services industry.

By using 4wrd, financial institution worldwide can test and implement seamless integrations with + 700 FinTechs from more than 60 countries, accelerating their digital transformation.

“By choosing to implement Infobit through 4wrd, Banco Delta is now ready not only to explore the rich set of capabilities Infobip provides, but also embed them seamlessly into an infinite combination of financial services without additional effort,’’ said Mauricio Lorenzetti, CTO and Co-Founder at Above and Beyond Tech.

This is the first integration going into production, and will soon be followed by the other 9 Financial Institutions that have already joined FINCONECTA in Latin America and the Caribbean, from more than 20 banks worldwide.

“Banco Delta is always in the search of new ways to improve the quality of the services that we offer to our clients. With this integration, we facilitate the permanent contact with our clients strengthening the link that brings us together and generating long term relationships. ” said Arturo Muller, President of Banco Delta.

About Above and Beyond Tech

Above and Beyond Tech is an enterprise software company that is driving the digital transformation of the financial services industry with its proprietary middleware platform, 4wrd, which integrates financial institutions, fintechs, and other relevant players in the financial ecosystem via standardized APIs. Already, Above and Beyond Tech has achieved impressive traction, landing partnerships with development banks and other critical organizations that grant the company access to large pools of financial institutions globally. As a result, since July 2017, they have been rapidly onboarding both financial institutions and fintechs, covering more than 50 countries through 24 integrated financial institutions which are able to access 40 different functionalities from a variety of fintechs.

About Banco Delta

Founded in 2006, Banco Delta is the leading microfinance bank in Panama. It is oriented to the attention of the entrepreneurs of the micro and small business of the country.It was born with the mission of creating long-term relationships with its customers, improving their quality of life and that of their families, through the offer of innovative products and financial solutions; as well as value-added services such as advice and training.In 2017, it became the first financial institution in Panama to obtain the certification in Client Protection granted by Smart Campaign.

About Infobip  

Founded over a decade ago by two young developers, Infobip grew into an international business with offices in six continents and proprietary, in-house developed messaging platform with the capacity to reach six billion mobile devices connected to over 800 telecom networks. Infobip innovates at the intersection of Internet and telecom technologies, creating new ways and opportunities for businesses and their end users to interact over mobile devices. The company serves and partners with leading mobile operators, OTTs, banks, social networks, tech companies and aggregators.

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